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The PFiddlesoft Frameworks bring to macOS developers the full range of Accessibility and Event Taps technologies needed to write assistive applications and other software that explores, monitors and controls the User Interface elements of most macOS applications. Together, the PFAssistive and PFEventTaps Frameworks have been maintained over a period of many years, and they have demonstrated their power and reliability in PFiddlesoft’s popular developer utilities as well as major commercial third-party applications.

Apple's Accessibility API grew out of Section 508 of the Workforce Investment Act of 1998 and its requirements regarding access to electronic and information technology for persons with disabilities. Compliance with Section 508 is a binding legal prerequisite for sale of computer and other products to the federal government and to many state agencies and educational institutions. The Accessibility API is designed for use both by developers incorporating its features into their own applications and by manufacturers of assistive technology devices for users with disabilities. Apple's Quartz Event Taps API is also a Section 508 enabling technology.

Because support for Accessibility and Quartz Event Taps is built into every standard macOS User Interface element, the frameworks are capable of much broader uses. Software testing tools, network administration tools, troubleshooting tools, plug-ins for applications that don't have a plug-in architecture, and remote control applications are only some of the possibilities.

On this website, get an overview of both frameworks' features; obtain support, including a helpful note on security issues presented by assistive applications; and read press releases describing new features added to UI Browser over the years.