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Public Beta Release of PreFab UI Browser 1.3 for Apple's GUI Scripting


North Andover, MA -- September 9, 2004 -- PreFab Software, Inc. and Bill Cheeseman are pleased to announce the first public beta test of new version 1.3 of their popular product, PreFab UI Browser. UI Browser is the ultimate assistant for Apple's AppleScript GUI Scripting and accessibility technologies. It helps you to explore, manipulate and monitor the user interface of most Mac OS X applications running on your computer. It requires Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar or newer, but it works best with Mac OS X 10.3 Panther or newer.

Download UI Browser 1.3 public beta 1 now at

With UI Browser, you choose an application in the Target menu, or press the Control-Command-S hot key to read any application's user interface element on the screen under the mouse. Then use UI Browser to browse all of the target's user interface elements, view and set their attributes, perform actions, send keystrokes, and observe notifications when any of the target's user interface elements change. Generate AppleScript scripts by choosing an item in the AppleScript menu.

What's New in UI Browser 1.3:

There are a great many new features, improvements and bug fixes in UI Browser 1.3. For a complete list, launch UI Browser 1.3 Public Beta 1 and open the Version History document from the Help menu.

Here is a brief summary of the most important new features:

1. Navigation in UI Browser is now greatly enhanced after a window or other container in the target application is closed or hidden.

2. Clicking the Refresh button removes all destroyed elements from the main browser view and adds all newly-created elements, such as new windows, just as it did before, but it maintains the current element selection undisturbed so you can continue working with it.

3. A new preference setting has been added, allowing UI Browser to display all accessibility names in plain English (the default) or using technical accessibility API names such as "AXWindow", "AXPress", "AXRoleDescription" and "AXWindowCreated".

4. UI Browser's AppleScript menu now generates scripts designed for use solely in Mac OS X 10.3 Panther or newer. Some new scripts are generated, and others have been enhanced for more comprehensive GUI Scripting support.

5. You can Command-click on elements and user controls in UI Browser while UI Browser is behind the target application, without bringing UI Browser to the front.

6. When running under Mac OS X 10.3 Panther, the Actions, Attributes and Notifications columns in the main UI Browser window's drawers are now sorted by name. Attributes can also be sorted by Type by clicking the Type column header, to make it easy to see, for example, all UI element attributes together.

Download UI Browser 1.3 public beta 1 now at Send comments, suggestions and bug reports to, and mention "UI Browser public beta 1" in the subject line. UI Browser 1.3 public beta 1 is free of charge and fully functional, but it will expire on November 1, 2004. Version 1.3 is scheduled for release by the end of September.

PreFab Software, Inc. has unmatched experience controlling the GUI via scripts, releasing PreFab Player in 1994 with continued sales and support today for Mac OS 9 and earlier. In 2003, PreFab entered the world of Mac OS X with PreFab UI Browser, a popular utility to support Apple's new GUI Scripting technology. PreFab UI Actions, implementing "universal attachability" for AppleScript, followed in 2004. Download fully-functional 30-day trial versions at UI Browser and UI Actions are based on Bill Cheeseman's Cocoa framework for working with Apple's accessibility API.

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