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Main UI Browser Window

UI Browser 3 is a Universal app. It runs on an Intel-based Mac, and it runs as a native process on an Apple silicon Mac during the trial period and with a Paddle registration key. It requires Rosetta translation to run on an Apple silicon Mac with an eSellerate registration key.

UI Browser 3 is a free upgrade from UI Browser 2 with this qualification: On an Apple silicon Mac, you must run UI Browser 3 under Rosetta translation in order to continue using a UI Browser 2 eSellerate key issued on or before June 30, 2019. To run UI Browser 3 natively on an Apple silicon Mac, you must use a UI Browser 2 Paddle key issued after June 30, 2019, or purchase a new Paddle key.

UI Browser was first released in 2003, and much has been written about it in the years since then. Check out these links to read what we say about it on this website, and what others have said about it in a number of books, magazine articles and other websites.

Read about UI Browser on our website

  • Features — an overview of UI Browser
  • Views — screenshots of UI Browser and videos showing how to use it
  • Support — helpful GUI Scripting notes, issues and tips
  • Press — new features added to UI Browser over the years
  • Compare — a comparison of UI Browser and Apple's free Accessibility Inspector, which was updated with many new features for macOS Sierra 10.12 and later

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