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Go to the Home page to read about all of our products, or visit these individual PFiddlesoft Product pages directly:

PFiddlesoft Frameworks: To write your own assistive applications using Objective-C or Swift, license one or both of the PFiddlesoft Frameworks. The PFiddlesoft Frameworks support 64-bit architectures using reference counted memory management or ARC. Licenses are free for personal use, and for use with any product you distribute without charge. A flat one-time license fee of $250 US is required for use of each framework with a product line for which you request or require payment. Source code is available for a separate fee. Different terms apply to large or established commercial software developers or distributors.

Accessibility Testbench: To learn how to grant access to the computer using the Accessibility security features introduced in OS X Mavericks 10.9, get the free developer utility Accessibility Testbench, including its source code.

Event Taps Testbench: To explore what your applications can do with Quartz Event Taps, get the free developer utility Event Taps Testbench and its source code.