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The PFiddlesoft Frameworks come with a comprehensive programming guide and extensive and detailed technical documentation, as well as sample code. Review these links for details.

Read about the PFiddlesoft Frameworks on our website

  • Features — an overview of both frameworks
  • Support — a helpful note on security
  • Press — new features added to both frameworks over the years

For instructions on how to use the PFiddlesoft Frameworks, including source code examples, download our Assistive Application Programming Guide for macOS, an almost 50-page PDF document. Also download the PFAssistive Framework Reference and the PFEventTaps Framework Reference for detailed documentation of all of the frameworks' classes, protocols, properties and methods. The Programming Guide and a framework reference are also included in each of the downloadable framework disk images.

Visit Downloads to download sample code.

For developers implementing the new technique for authorizing access to assistive applications introduced in OS X Mavericks 10.9, read "A Note on Security Issues Presented by Assistive Applications" on the Support page.