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UI Browser

The ultimate assistant for GUI Scripting and Accessibility

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UI Browser is the ultimate assistant for Apple's AppleScript GUI Scripting and Accessibility technologies. It helps you to explore, monitor, and control the User Interface elements of most Mac OS X applications running on your computer.

Choose an application in UI Browser's Target menu to browse its UI elements, or use the built-in Screen Reader or press a hot key to read any application's UI elements on the screen under the mouse. Then use UI Browser to perform actions on the selected UI element, to get and set its attributes, to send keystrokes to the target application, and to observe notifications when any of the target's UI elements change. Use UI Browser to test the target while you write GUI Scripting scripts or while you add accessibility features to applications you are developing, and you can be confident they will work as expected.

UI Browser is an indispensable tool for scripters who use Apple's AppleScript GUI Scripting technology. With GUI Scripting, you can automate an application by scripting its user interface even if it does not support AppleScript. GUI Scripting opens up whole new worlds for script writers, much as PreFab Player did for the classic Mac OS. But there's a catch: it's very difficult to figure out how to specify the UI elements you want to control with your scripts. UI Browser solves this problem. UI Browser understands the arrangement of an application's UI elements, and it knows their AppleScript names and index numbers. It helps you to navigate the user interface hierarchy of a target application and enables you to generate useful AppleScript statements with a single click.

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UI Browser takes full advantage of the many GUI Scripting and Accessibility features built into macOS. You can write and distribute scripts that will run "out of the box" on all Macintosh computers from macOS v 10.12 Sierra all the way back to Mac OS X v10.3 Panther!

UI Browser supports new accessibility features introduced by Apple over the years, including those in OS X v10.10 Yosemite, OS X v10.11 El Capitan and macOS v10.12 Sierra.

UI Browser may be purchased for $55.00 US.

NOW AVAILABLE: UI Browser 2.5.0, released October 2014.

Successfully tested through macOS v10.12 Sierra

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Developers: License the PFiddlesoft Frameworks. UI Browser installs the PFAssistive and PFEventTaps Frameworks as shared frameworks in Library/Frameworks. The PFiddlesoft Frameworks support 64-bit architectures using reference counted memory management or ARC. Licenses are free for personal use and for distribution or use with any product you distribute without charge. A flat one-time license fee of $250 US is required for distribution or use of each framework with a product for which you request or require payment. Source code is available for a separate fee. Different terms apply to large or established commercial software developers. For more information, and to download the PFiddlesoft Frameworks and their documentation and licenses, go to the PFiddlesoft Frameworks page.

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Download UI Browser 2.5.0, released October 2014. It runs as a fully functional free trial version, expiring 30 days after you first use it unless you have a valid registration key.

This version of UI Browser runs on OS X v10.7 Lion or newer. See the Requirements section below for details.

Obtain a registration key from eSellerate to unlock the trial version. Either choose UI Browser > Registration > Obtain Key Online in the trial version of UI Browser while connected to the Internet, or go to our Online Store. UI Browser is $55.00 US. Quantity discounts are available for 5 or more licenses.

eSellerate web store buttoneSellerate is a software commerce provider specializing in the sale and delivery of digital goods. Purchasing online through the eSellerate system is fast, easy, and secure.

Updates for current customers: This version runs as a free upgrade for registered owners of UI Browser 2.0.0 and newer. UI Browser 1.4.1 and older is no longer supported and no free upgrade path is available.

Users of Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard and older: UI Browser 2.5.0 does not run under versions of Mac OS X older than OS X v10.7 Lion. If you need to run UI Browser under Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard, download UI Browser 2.3.0, released November 2012. If you need to run UI Browser under Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard, download UI Browser 2.1.1, released September 2010. If you need to run UI Browser under Mac OS X v10.4 Tiger, download UI Browser 2.0.5, released July 2007.


UI Browser 2.5.0 requires OS X v10.7 Lion or newer. At this writing, version 2.5.0 has been tested successfully through macOS v10.12 Sierra. It recognizes all of the new Accessibility constants Apple has added over the years.

Older versions of UI Browser run on older versions of Mac OS X. UI Browser 2.3.0 runs under Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard, UI Browser 2.1.1 runs under Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard, and UI Browser 2.0.5 runs under Mac OS X v10.4 Tiger. UI Browser 1.4.1 for Mac OS X v10.2 Jaguar and v10.3 Panther is no longer available.

Apple's GUI Scripting technology was officially introduced in Panther as a standard feature of Mac OS X. Scripts written using the GUI Scripting technology run on all computers equipped with Panther or newer, but some GUI Scripting features require newer OS versions. (Apple successfully concluded the GUI Scripting public beta test on Jaguar, and the beta version of the underlying GUI Scripting software for Jaguar is no longer available.)

For a whole new way to run AppleScript scripts, get UI Actions for "universal attachability."

To explore what your applications can do with Quartz Event Taps, get the free developer utility Event Taps Testbench.

To write your own assistive applications, license the PFiddlesoft Frameworks.